Interview: introducing Mimosa, the new face of Comedy.

Interview: introducing Mimosa, the new face of Comedy.



“It is time for parents to teach young people early on
that in diversity there is beauty and there is
strength.” ― Maya Angelou.
Peks Ikeji is a new face in Nigeria’s blossoming
comedy industry and he goes by the fierce
stage name, Mimosa.
In this quick interview with, he talks
about the challenges he has faced in the
industry so far, the recycling of jokes and of
course growing up with Nigeria’s biggest
blogger Linda Ikeji and his other sisters.
Mimosa is one to definitely watch out for
• Good day Mimosa, tell us a little about
growing up
My growing up was very okay. I grew up with girls
and it was fun. As the only boy, my Mum always
wanted to lock me at home. I was a shy dude. I
started comedy this year as I wanted to go into
acting before
• You are quite new in the comedy industry,
what have been your greatest challenges in
the industry thus far?
The challenges we have in the industry is that if you
are new, it will be hard to get comedy shows. It is
even harder than music. If you repeat same jokes,
people will just tell you to leave the stage.
I remember the first time I spoke to MC Shakara
about performing in his show. He told me that he will
like to see me perform for him first and when I did,
he was impressed. One of the challenges you face as
a comedian is, people would not want to hear you if
you are not well known.
I also remember when I spoke to Funny Bone, he
told me to be strong and just do my thing well.
• Your performance at the Shakara and Gang
comedy show penultimate Sunday was very
credible. What do you think of that
performance personally?
Yea my performance was very okay, I did my best
and the truth is that I was very prepared for the
show. I was just having fun and my jokes came
• Which
(foreign and
locally) inspire
you to keep
chasing your
The foreign
Comedian is
Kelvin Hart.
Locally, I will say
Basket Mouth
and Okey
• One issue
some top
like Bovi have been vocal about is the
recycling of their original jokes by other
comedians at recorded gigs. Mimosa, what do
you think about the recycling of other people’s
jokes at recorded performances?
People say comedians recycle jokes. Yea, it is true.
You wan laugh and you no want make another person
• How original are your jokes and how do you
plan to stay fresh and wow your audience each
Laughs… My jokes are everyday things, it comes
naturally and I don’t recycle my jokes, I will rather
mix them.
• Do you think being a brother to Africa’s
biggest blogger; Linda Ikeji has made your
sojourn into the comedy world any less
Linda Ikeji is my blood sister and to tell you the
truth, her name has really helped me kind off in the
entertainment industry
• What inspires the stage name, ‘Mimosa’?
I got the name Mimosa from my Dad years back.
• I hear you got some tattoos recently, what
do your tattoos say, how much did they cost
and where did you get inked?
I have a tattoo and it reads Mimosa. It is small and
nice. I am not a tattoo person, I just did it because I
saw a lot of people getting tattoos while in the USA. It
cost me just 150 Dollars only.
• Being new in the industry, what has been
your most embarrassing comedy moment so
I don’t think I have had any embarrassing moment
on stage and I pray not to.
• How do you wind up after a hectic day on
If I am not working, I just seat in my house and
sometimes i hangout with my friends
• What comes next for Mimosa?
I have a show on the 26th of this month and I can’t
wait to kill it on stage again! wishesMimosa
Mimosa Chilling with Sean Tizzle

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